Traditional Osteopathy

Traditional Osteopathy is practiced at Greenfields. The approach strives to preserve the integrity of the osteopathic profession as it was presented by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still the founder of osteopathy, and his student Dr. William Garner Sutherland, who developed osteopathy in the cranial field. This aspect of osteopathy was also taught as craniosacral therapy. 

The teachings of traditional osteopathy are set upon the therapeutic powers of the dynamic stillness, the breath of life, the tidal potency, fluids and other natural laws at work generating and supporting life. The aim of treatment is to work in full cooperation with the composite of the living mechanism and its intention within the moment. It is not about bones, or levers, or palpation. It is not about balanced membranous or ligamentous articular tension; these approaches are a different composite. It is about the tide at work as the primary source of diagnosis and treatment, with no application of force to osteopathic lesions or psycho-emotional systems.

Traditional osteopathy is sometimes referred to as biodynamic osteopathy, and can be applied to problems that would be treated by an osteopath not practising in this way. It is gentle by nature, and is suited to people of all ages, from infants to old age. 

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