Naturopathy is a way of harnessing the healing power of nature according to the needs of the Individual. It uses naturopathic principles which are in harmony with natural laws. 

A naturopath will assess a patient using a full case history, physical examination and other diagnostic techniques to find out which of their support systems need to be reinforced. This may be in the area of physical, biochemical, mental/emotional and environmental. Naturopathic techniques are then used to restore the vital force, which is required to return the patient to health. 

Some techniques that a naturopath may use include dietary therapy, herbal and nutritional supplement regimens, environmental change, physical exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, breathing techniques, relaxation and emotional support. Although pharmaceutical medicines and surgery are not part of the naturopathic approach, sometimes they are vital to support life or restore function. A naturopath will assess any current medication and ensure that naturopathic treatment is designed not to conflict with them. 

Patients may need to return for reassessment at intervals to ensure that their therapy continues to be effective. The aim of naturopathy is to teach the patient self-care so that they are not constantly reliant on the naturopath, and can attend to their own health problems as they arise. 

Our naturopath works with all types of problems, and specialises in epigenetic assessment using the SWAMI GenoType Software. Read more about it here.

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