GenoType Diet Assessment

For weight loss and health improvement

With a personalised diet that takes your individuality into account, you eat the foods that your body will digest and metabolise, without creating a buildup of toxins and excessive waste products that clog your cells or affect the functioning of your genes.

A consultation includes:

  • Blood group test for ABO and Rh Blood group (if not known)
  • 90-minute appointment including medical history taking by naturopath Tom Greenfield (author of the preface for the book Change Your Genetic Destiny by Dr. Peter D’Adamo)
  • Body biometric measurements for input into the SWAMI GenoType 3 software (based on the book Change your Genetic Destiny)
  • Body fat / muscle mass assessment and report
  • Permanent entry onto the SWAMI software database (for future revisions if required)
  • GenoType assessment and PDF report with personalised food list
  • Supplement recommendations

Normal Price: €200 – Special offer in May only – €160
Follow-up appointments: €30 (including body fat measurement)
Follow-up (for body fat measurement only): €10

SWAMI GenoType Data Entry Page